A Patient progress and outcome view into your emr

EMRs excel at the detailed capture of patient activity in support of comprehensive billing. Few offer a patient-oriented view focused on condition-specific outcomes, readmission rates and the full patient condition arc. Our Patient Layers deliver EMR-based tools for managing populations and individuals against specific health journeys.


Connected "Boot Camps" for patients new to chronic care

We offer programs in COPD, pre-diabetes, diabetes, smoking cessation and preventive health (CVD and vaccine management is right around the corner) that help patients build “great habits” in diet, physical activity and drug adherence. Through a mobile experience we connect members with their support team and their physician.


Patient program results
*sneak peek*

Here’s a preliminary window into two of our first programs, with details on patient usage, support team connections, in-office usage, and a first assessment of patient impact. Includes great insights into the power of support teams, the value of physician connectivity and the importance of early-stage habit development. More to come as additional programs hit milestones.


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