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Our Patient Programs



A diabetes lifestyle program that connects physician instruction to patient action in developing the diet, activity and adherence habits in living with diabetes. The program is customizable with premium content and can be connected with an EHR implementation for two way communication between patient and care provider.


HEARTPartner is an individualized heart health journey rooted in the Archimedes Heart Health Assessment. For people committed to heart health, this program will prioritize activity level, diet and adherence priorities to match the user. The program is customizable by an EHR--connected HCP with two-way connectivity and physician heart health population tools.


A preventive health management tool for the home Chief Health Officer, rooted in the US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations in partnership with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Physician-side tools provided through an EHR integration identify preventive health opportunities within a patient base.


A pulmonary rehabilitation program based on the COPD Foundation Pulmonary Education Program. Includes basic patient education, breathing exercises and diet/activity recommendations for people living with COPD. A simple breath tracker integrates with an EHR for patient/doctor communication.


A step-by-step patient guide to support the decision, preparation and recovery from medical procedures. PATIENTConnect combines physician curated HOW TOs and premium partner educational materials to empower patients making health choices and then navigate the dimensions of preparation and recovery.


Our inaugural program, based on an HHS mobile patient smoking cessation study. Our pilot with Healthline.com saw 7x program completion rate vs. typical program-aided cessation. Smoke less, breathe more!


A Spanish Language version of the myfamily preventive health tool.

smart health hero

Winner of the 2014 Code-a-Palooza competition for best consumer use of CMS Medicare cost data, smarthealthhero empowers consumers to start a conversation with their care providers about "cost of care". Set for public launch at the end of June.


Patient education and behavior change program rooted in the landmark Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) which reduces the advancement of pre-diabetes to full Type 2 Diabetes by 58%.

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Dave Vockell


Alpha programmer, product lead, computer degree from Northwestern, patient advocate

Ankur Saraiya

Medical Director

Board certified in general and forensic psychiatry with degrees from Columbia University and Harvard

Debbie Johnson


CFO, American Diabetes Association

Utkarsh Patel


Humana, Head of Digital Patient Marketing and Communications


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